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Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers

My husbands sister lives over in the Philippines in a place called Sebu. It is very hot and humid but a beautiful country and you certainly can't resist chilled/frozen summer drinks as you seem to be thirsty all the time.

I create those fantastic drinks back at home my using my ice cream maker. It sounds a bit strange but it works really well.

I don't have them quite as bright though ;)

Unhealthy foods

This looks refreshing, I love the color. I've tried one before which has the pink color, it has jelly and nata de coco.

r becklund

The colors are so great, the textures inside the drinks are very intriquing. Good stuff!


You have such a talent for capturing the essence and reality of such an intimate congregation of life. I enjoyed your food presentation immensely. After viewing the entire colorful display of vendors and choices, I find it quite difficult to choose my favorite. I think I would have to go with the Banana cue as I can just imagine those glistening bananas nestled in one of my very best favorite New Orleans desserts, Bananas Foster! Yet, I have a yen to try so many of the offerings I unfortunately will probably never get to try:( Thank you so much for sharing. It has been an enticing journey:)

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why do you consider "selecta ice cream" as a dirty ice cream? though it is sold on the street but it is still clean.


i miss manila sooo much..i missed the palamig when i went home in august..gosh! & the taho who frequents our place.. i forgot that theres no like that here in canada..:(( i would trade everything just to come back!


gosh! samalamig! =) what wouldn't i give right now for a cold glass of that milky pink gulaman. =)

oh yeah, belated happy easter, sidney! =)


It's so pretty to look at all those colorful drinks lined up that way. I see them all the time. Sadly, I realized I've never even tried buying a that kind of drink before. The buko pandan looks really good.


wow! quite a colorful display of beverages. not sure if that's ice or fruit in the barrels but it adds great texture.


Chilled drinks, yes! I like the color of those drinks.

I terribly miss "halo halo."

Oh, do go on with your street food series, hehe. I naturally like them, being in CH and all that. Hay.


Even though many of the foods were not the kind of thing I could imagine myself eating, this series was fantastic!

Gérard Méry

Les couleurs belles attirent les enfants.


Excellent series Sidney! Happy Easter :)

Ashish Sidapara

Lovely series, whats next? ;-)


Another fine series. I like the brilliant colors and happy looking sellers. Nicely done.


Another fine series. I like the brilliant colors and happy looking sellers. Nicely done.


Another fine series. I like the brilliant colors and happy looking sellers. Nicely done.


Another fine series. I like the brilliant colors and happy looking sellers. Nicely done.


I'm sure you've noticed too that the manner of presenting food varies per market, per province, and among regions.

Photo Cache

a cheap way to get one's fix. thanks for including the cold ones in this series. yes, so what's next? cant wait.


What's next, Sidney?

Your photos have a way of presenting life in full, vibrant color.

I like this street food series, but I think I like the copra series better. I found it very educational. Why, I had very faint idea on what copra looked like, and how they're produced, until you featured them here.

Thanks for these! I eagerly look forward to the next series.


Oui , comme dans tous les pays du monde , les enfants aiment boire des boissons très colorées !
Ainsi que les bonbons multicolores !


Well, a perfect way to end another fantastic series - with a cool drink. Thank you Sidney for sharing these images. It gave me insight to a part of a culture I completely missed when I was part of it, yet now fully understand and cherish.


For obvious reasons I homed in on the "Chocolate" container!

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